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Modern Piping books are packed with the newest, coolest tunes from some of the world’s TOP composers!

Our bagpipe books are made for beginner through to expert players, here is a few fun things you'll find inside!

  • Composing¬†and playing tutorial articles
  • Minimum 15 pages of brand new piping tunes (No need to wait for your favourite bands to play the music first, get your hands on the music!)
  • Composer stories behind each tune
  • Interviews with pipers¬†and their success secrets
  • Tune competition (get your tune in our book and be published for all time amongst some of the top composers around the world!)
  • Need help learning? Just visit our¬†Listen¬†page and learn while playing the music along.

In this book:

  • Tutorial article

    Transposing Minor Keyed Tunes

  • Tune submission winner
    Bayleigh Marie by William Thayer

  • Piper of the Moment
    Calum Brown


  • Lincoln Hilton
    P/M Bob Gow

  • Bruce Gandy
    Squadron March Past 
    Courtney Bolger of High Bridge 
    Salute to Angus of the Chukar Hills

  • Scott Wallace
    The Cordovan Pony 
    For the Jocks 
    Joburg Jol

  • Alex Gandy¬†
    Emmett Reid Wanamaker 
    MWO Douglas K. Hamilton 
    Jimmy the Bullet Catcher

  • Dougie McCance¬†
    Kingston Road 
    Loch Morar 
    Leaving Home
  • Alisdair McLaren¬†
    The Annihilator Suite

*This listing is for a physical book sent to your location.

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